Housify Properties is a registered real estate company operating in Karachi and Pakistan, We are specialist in connecting seller with investor has a ready to cash to buy a property. Our App " Housify Properties - Sell Your Property Instantly" is accommodating people wants to sell their property urgently in Scheme 33 and Bahria Town Karachi, Pakistan currently. We are eager to expand our footprints in different areas of Karachi and Pakistan gradually.How it works:
After end user ( Seller ) register their interest to sell their property on our app " Housify Properties - Sell Your Property Instantly" One of our representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours, after a detailed discussion with the seller over phone we will evaluate their property in 72 hours, after evaluation if the seller will be agreed on the prices we have offered, we will list their property in our investors dashboard where all of our investors will explore and show their interest on the specific property, after finalizing property details and payment terms with investor who will be interested to buy we will be in touch with the seller and finish the deal.
Please Note: This all process could take 7 to 10 working days, it includes everything from evaluation, document verification, token confirmation and final payment.We are Pakistan First and # 1 Property Buying App which is only 3.5 Mb, light, user friendly and with excellent User Interface, in order to sell your property instantly in Karachi and Pakistan you don't have to visit any property portal and struggle to list your property and pay for your ad. Our app has a simple UI, you just have to fill in the form in order to sell your property. Our property buying app doesn't contain any advert nor we don't charge anything. We are trying to replace the idea of putting ads on property portal in Pakistan to sell your property, avoid months of waiting, and skip window shoppers. We are working hard to increase our investors database so the seller who will register their property on our app will be able to sell more faster then our standard time. As we know in Pakistan property portal trends is increasing like no one, many property portal companies are coming in the market and giving platform to end users to sell, buy, rent and invest in properties in Pakistan. Due to that we are planning to launch more innovative apps in the property market to make people life more easier. Our 2nd App is is in a process of development which will be " Housify Properties - Become Our Investor" with this app interested investors wants to invest in a property market in Karachi and Pakistan will be associate with us in order to buy properties in less then the market price from the sellers wants to sell their property urgently. Our 3rd App is also in a development process which will be " Housify Properties - Off Plan Properties in Pakistan" With this app end users who are interested in buying off plan properties in Karachi and Pakistan would be able to see all the New, Under Construction, Coming Soon, Near By Completion Project details, pricing, floor plan, construction updates and concern person contact number. Our 4th App is also in a development process which will be "Housify Properties - Find Brokers in Pakistan" This will be the first ever app in Pakistan Real Estate industry which will definitely revolutionize the property market in Pakistan. With this App end users will be able to find brokers on their preferred cities with filtering features like `Buy, Sell and Rent, and Brokers will be able to register their services and contact details from all around Pakistan.If you want to become our Investor or you have any question, suggestion, complaints or media inquires email us at info@housifyproperties.com or call us directly +923107101010

Housify Properties Private Limited
SECP Pakistan Registration # 0180510